Winter in Limassol

Winter in Limassol

With its mild winter weather and its warm-hearted people, Limassol is ready to welcome you and ensure a rich and memorable holiday experience!

Activities in Limassol

Short breaks in Autumn and Winter based on the mild weather and cosmopolitan character of Limassol.


Take a morning stroll at the seaside walking path.


Combine cycling and sightseeing.

Nature Trails

Visit nearby villages and follow the Nature Trails.


Try your skills at local workshops and participate in local events and festivals.

Wine Routes

Follow one of the wine routes to take you through years of wine making history.

Winter Charm of Limassol

Limassol, popular as a ‘sea and sun’ tourist destination is nevertheless a winter trip one should not miss!
Gastronomy, wine and vibrant nightlife
Gastronomy, wine and vibrant nightlife
Choose among numerous restaurants / taverns / wine bars / clubs.
Explore the old town of Limassol.
Limassol Zoo
Limassol Zoo
Relax at the Municipal Gardens and Zoo.

Winter Events

With winter events and activities for all ages, Limassol is the place to be!


During the Christmas period Limassol is home to number of events and fairs, in a more traditional and magical atmosphere where locals and tourists come together in mutual, festive celebrations.

Chocolate Winter Wonderland

A selection of chocolatiers, chefs and industry experts will be demonstrating delicious chocolate recipes and producing chocolate art pieces. 3 days of chocolate, snow, entertainment, food & live music!

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If you are looking for the ultimate coziness, Limassol should definitely be at the top of your Winter holidays list.

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